Royal Karoo VENISON

Naturally Wild

 All products are MSG free

Why Royal karoo venison

1. Sustainable

Harvesting/ Utilizing wild game allows for conservation through necessary population control while placing a value on the animal and thereby ensuring that the species and its habitat is maintained.

2. Quality

Harvested and processed on site before being delivered directly to your door. Our focus is on attention to detail and delivering a high quality, carefully crafted product rather than large volumes.

3. Healthy

Venison is naturally free-range and organic. The harvesting of an animal directly out of its natural habitat results in little to no stress.

Venison is leaner than other red meats with half the calories, 1/6th of the saturated fats and more protein.

“Best meat I’ve ever had. Very nicely packaged and delivered straight to my door”    

Armand Vermaak

We have prepared the sausage both on the fire and stove, both times were equally delicious. Lovely seasoning, firm to the touch and juicy inside. The meat’s flavour is outstanding and I enjoyed the texture of the meat as it was lean and not fatty”    

Lois Fox

Love the fact that I’m eating single origin, sustainably sourced meat, that tastes great!”

Nick Moses

Our Venison boxes

Create your own Custom Boxes

T’s & C’s for custom boxes:

– Box must be at least 5kg
– A R50 transport & Packaging fee will be added to your total
– custom orders need 5 days to process


All meat is delivered frozen to preserve freshness.

T’s & C’s with Biltong & Droë wors:

Minimum order of R500
– R50 Transport & Packaging fee will be added to your total
– Custom orders need 5 days to process

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